Certainly the beneficiaries of Sanitary Aid Nigeria are keen to show their appreciation for Omu and her volunteers and constantly look for ways to keep in touch with them. “The girls in some of the locations I was unable to go to personally made videos and said ‘Thank you,’” Omu recalls. “It’s really one of those things you think you’re used to yet every experience is special.”
“We must have people who actually understand, who are the beneficiaries of these policies, being part of the policy formulation,” the 48-year-old single mother told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in her office in Abuja where a statuette of Hillary Clinton adorns her desk. Elendu-Ukeje is one of 27 women sitting in the 108 seat Senate and 360 seat House of Representatives since the 2015 election, from 32 in 2011.
However immediately after the news of her appointment filtered out, the discussion turned from her qualifications - with some questioning her relative youth - to her wardrobe. Specifically, photos taken from her social media accounts prompted criticism from conservative religious figures in her native northern Nigeria.
In our society, men can always make their voices heard. Call out other men , especially your friends, when they commit sexist acts. This includes: men who talk down to women, lie to their partners, mismanage family funds, etc. It is not enough to judge them silently, let them know is wrong. Tell them off and speak up for the victims through any channel available to you