Tennessee is one of 31 states that still impose sales tax on tampons and pads. A measure to repeal it failed last year amid questions about how the state would make up the resulting loss in revenue. But in fact, Tennessee ended the year with a budget surplus, and chose to use it to give residents a tax break on ammunition.
A new CNN poll released Tuesday shows that a full 61 percent of women were in favor of impeaching Trump while 34 percent were against it. Among men, by contrast, just 40 percent support impeachment and 53 percent oppose it. The gender gap also shows up in Trump’s approval ratings: 52 percent of men approve of how the president is doing compared with 32 percent of women, according to the CNN poll.
The College of New Jersey offers process based on the principles of restorative justice, an approach that focuses on repairing the harm done to a survivor rather than on assigning punishment to a perpetrator. The process starts with a question: What would the perpetrator “need to hear, see, complete, or do, to recognize and acknowledge the potential harm, and for that to potentially be repaired?"