From Saudi Arabia to the UAE to Iran, women are breaking the shackles of traditional gender identities to make their mark in the coffee industry. Facilitated by the region’s shifting demographics and economic priorities, they’re pioneering coffee innovations and even drawing male trainees keen to learn from them
A historic number of women of color — 49 in total, according to data collected by the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University — will serve in the 117th Congress, including the first three Korean American women elected to Congress and the first Black women to represent Washington state and Missouri.
When Singh started out bartending private events and parties in the early 2000s while studying hotel management, it was actually illegal for women to bartend in India. "There was as an archaic British law that women couldn't serve liquor," she explains. While the national law was overturned in 2007, each of India's 29 states make their own liquor laws. For Delhi, the law wouldn't officially be repealed until 2010.