Tennessee is one of 31 states that still impose sales tax on tampons and pads. A measure to repeal it failed last year amid questions about how the state would make up the resulting loss in revenue. But in fact, Tennessee ended the year with a budget surplus, and chose to use it to give residents a tax break on ammunition.
Her attackers told her a woman could not own a dog. But Sabha fears this may have been something more - that it may have been to do with her teaching girls sport. "We still don't know about their goal but we think it is because of her career," her sister Setayesh told the BBC. "She was the first woman who has her own club and these things are taboo."https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-51449514
To increase female enrollment, the Canadian army is considering redesigning uniforms to shorten skirts and referring to medals as "bling," The Ottawa Citizen reported. The newspaper reported that the proposals are being floated to increase female enlistment by 25 percent by 2026. The changes include clothing guidelines and social media presentations.
UK universities are using "gagging" clauses to stop students from going public with complaints of sexual assault, bullying and poor teaching. Students said they felt pressured to sign non-disclosure agreements and one was told she would be expelled if she broke her contract. Nearly a third of universities have used NDAs for student grievances since 2016, data obtained by BBC News shows.