Boards are responsible for taking key decisions and setting out strategies for public organisations across the country, from museums to prisons. The government is launching a new plan to ensure these boards reflect society. "Every institution needs diversity on its boards. They need our voices to be part of the conversation and the decision-making process," said Rachel. Data published this year shows progress has been made - 49% of the 1,275 new appointments made by the UK government in 2016-17 went to women, up from 34% in 2011-12. And 10% of board posts are held by people from ethnic minorities.
Nicola Jennings, whose work has been published in the Guardian, said: "Political cartoons are a sort of running joke between the boys. I wonder whether men find it too difficult to be lampooned by a woman? Men lampooning each other is like an in-joke and they're just slapping each other on the back, whereas if it's a woman it's seen as much stronger criticism."