The man was found guilty of “violence with the use or threat of a weapon,” but the court said there were insufficient grounds to charge him with sexual harassment. Laguerre, who has launched a website for women to share experiences with harassment, told French publication Libération that the ruling was a “harsh blow” and a disappointment. “My attacker will not be able to understand the misogynistic and sexist nature of what he is accused of,” she said, according to BBC. “We are missing out on teaching him a lesson to make him aware that it’s no longer possible to treat women like pieces of meat.”
Ross worked on major projects such as the Agena rocket, which was a crucial step in the Apollo program to land on the moon. She also was a part of SkunkWorks, a top-secret 40-member think tank where she was the only women aside from the secretary. Ross’ work there involved developing initial design concepts for interplanetary space travel, including flyby missions to Venus and Mars.