While Ms. Gillibrand was called “Senator Working Mom,” Mr. O’Rourke’s status as a parent has been just one part of his story, not the core of it. After losing his Senate race, he took an extended solo road trip to clear his head and blog. A jaunt that would be portrayed as child abandonment had a woman done it “could help him politically, advancing his offbeat brand,” reporters mused. Few fretted about who was watching his children.
"He brings us back to that comfortable time when politics was optimistic. When we were competent. When America seemed to again represent the best of what was possible. But that ability to feel familiarly inspiring is itself a privilege reserved for men. After all, we still have never had a female president of the United States...There's no mold, then, for bright, charismatic female candidates to fit into, no space for them to gain an advantage via "she reminds me of..."."