At the US Open, however, the balls played by men and women are subtly different. Men use Wilson’s extra-duty version, with a black Wilson logo and a red US Open print. Due to Women’s Tennis Association regulations, women use different balls—regular-duty, with the colors reversed. They’re both the same size—Type 2—but the regular-duty balls are a little sleeker, with shorter fibers, and play a little faster by consequence.
On average, what does the most admirable man in the world look like? According to Americans, he’s white, in his late sixties, an American born to white American parents, straight, and a present or former US president. The most admirable woman, however, is somewhat more diverse. She might run a country, but she’s as likely to be a judge, or an activist. And she’s nearly a decade younger than her male counterpart.
Throughout history, women have always written—thoughts, letters, poems, stories—but their work is often excluded from the canon or forgotten altogether. A new EU project is hoping to change that, by providing Spanish academic Carme Font Paz, of Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, with a €1.5 million ($1.7 million) research grant. Over the next five years, Font will work with a small team to uncover neglected European female writers from between 1500 to 1780.