"I think the thing we forget when we talk about gender and masculinity is that these are concepts that adults and parents actively teach our kids," Lanae St. John, a sexologist and a mother of two teen boys, told HuffPost Canada by email. "At worst, kids socialize — a polite word for bully, cajole, taunt, tease, etc. — each other to conform to certain behaviours contained within 'gender roles' because of what adults and others taught them," St. John said.
"DeeAnn Fitzpatrick was restrained to an office chair with tape, and gagged, and allegedly told, 'This is what happens when you speak out against the boys,'" Daly said. "She says that she tried to raise the alarm with her manager, but her manager simply said, 'That was the boys just being boys.'"
"It's a myth that violence in a culture only affects those it specifically targets, and patriarchy is a form of cultural violence," says Amanda Lindamood, director of training and community engagement at the DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC). "When how you are allowed to engage in relationships, how you are able to relate to your body, and how you know to feel powerful is tied up in not feeling anything, you lose a lot of authenticity. You also lose your ability to have your emotional needs affirmed and met within your relationships, and lose out on developing those skills which are crucial to maintaining your relationships."