By investing $10 billion in support of Black women, Goldman Sachs will narrow opportunity gaps and contribute to the advancement of racial equity. By reducing barriers to growth for Black women, this will drive economic progress for the U.S. as a whole. The One Million Black Women initiative draws from extensive research demonstrating that Black women are indeed the best financial investment.
It’s important to acknowledge how navigating both race and gender creates additional vulnerabilities for Black women and girls. It’s time to talk about how invisible homelessness, self-imposed curfews in low-income neighborhoods, and normalized aggressive street harassment negatively impact the lives of girls and women.
Claire Karekezi, 35, is currently finishing up her training at Toronto Western Hospital, where she has specialized in brain tumor removal. As of July, she will return to her native country, where she’ll join the other four male neurosurgeons who are currently practicing. “It’s passion, it’s dedication,” she tells the Toronto Star. “It’s not about money — I’m living my dream and I love what I do. “This is something I can do. This is something I can bring back to Rwanda.”