Venture capitalist Allison Long Pettine believes that the same problems that keep women out of the C-Suite are also preventing women from raising their fair share of startup funding in Silicon Valley. Here she suggests three ways that leaders can support women on their way to the C-suite, by helping them overcome some of the major obstacles they face.
“All of those people were people who were retained at Facebook for more than 10 years, which is unusual in a corporate context. I don’t see us as not retaining. I see us as we have long retention, and the experience of being at Facebook gives people the opportunity to do so many other things. I think it’s really cool that two of those three left to become CEO of something.”
“Ensuring people are paid fairly is long overdue and is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed to progress towards an equitable society,” Curry said in a statement. “Syndio is an objective solution that removes unconscious bias from the equation and changes the way business leaders tackle workplace equity, making pay equity the standard for companies around the world.”
LinkedIn recently annoucned that is introducing several new job titles, including “stay-at-home mom,” to allow full-time parents and other caretakers to provide more accurate descriptions of their time away from the paid labor force. It is also removing its requirement that any resume entry—for example, “stay-at-home dad”—must be linked to a specific company or employer.