Described as a “powerful starting point for further debate”, the manifesto was created following a survey of 60 emerging female artists and innovators, and seven European and Canadian festivals. The publication challenges the European Parliament, the European Commission, the governments of the European Union’s member states and the music industry at large to enact a raft of reforms.
The Taoiseach said: “Participation by women on State Boards has increased over the last few years. Unfortunately, female representation on corporate boards is lagging far behind. Ireland should be doing much better. “Only 18% of board directors are women. Over one-third of companies have no female representation at all and are not positioning themselves well to respond to change or to understand an increasingly diverse customer base. Business cannot afford to ignore the talent of half of the population."
Having set up the Fianna as a nationalist version of the boy scouts, she fought in the Easter Rising in Stephen's Green and the College of Surgeons. Imprisoned by the British in Kilmainham after the Rising, she received word from an officer of her verdict and sentence after a court-martial: "Guilty. Death by being shot. The court recommend the prisoner to mercy, solely and only on account of her sex."
There continues to be a significant gender imbalance within agriculture in Ireland with more than 90pc of farm holders being men. The latest available data indicates that farms with a sole female farm holder registered on my Department of Agriculture's client database accounted for 13pc of farms; 10pc of eligible land; and 8pc of payments. Only 3.8pc of farms are registered in joint female/male names.
At the meeting in Mullingar, Westmeath, IFA Councy Chairman Kenneth Bray asked the two candidates about how the organisation could get more women and young people involved. "James said he was going to crack a joke," according to Mr Bray, and the joke was that 'women's feet are smaller, so they can get closer to the kitchen sink', but it did not go down well with the room. "He also said that women do a lot of work behind the scenes on farms, including mountains of paperwork and raising families, but the remark went down like a lead balloon. "Neither candidate came up with ideas on how to get more women or young people into the organisation," the County Chairman said and that the mood in the room after the debate was not appreciative of the remark.