After signing up for a class at the UC Davis Meat Laboratory as a freshman solely in order to satisfy a course requirement, Cindy Marlene Garcia found her calling. She now has begun competing in international butchering contests and will be the first woman on the U.S. team going for the gold in the World Butchers’ Challenge, otherwise known as the “Olympics of Meat.”
Hughes, an Oroville teacher, faced a male primary opponent who made a crass appeal to gender stereotypes. “It takes a virile man,” he insisted, to do the tough work required of lawmakers. “It’s no ‘pink tea’ job.” Hughes fired back: “Are the brace of Red Cross nurses, working night and day at the front [during World War I], caring for the wounded, serving in ‘pink tea’ jobs?”
In a list of 20 actions ranging from groping to light-hearted flirting, men in all cases but one were less likely than women to rate a specific act as sexual harassment. The exception – light-hearted flirting – was considered sexual harassment by 12 percent of both men and women. In all other cases, however, women were 10 to 20 percent more likely to rate an action as sexual harassment than men.