A professor in India has irked controversy with his remarks regarding women who wear jeans and ‘dress like men, end up giving birth to transgenders.’ Rajith Kumar, a Botany professor, made some bizarre remarks during an awareness class for students in Kerala’s Kasaragod, reported PTI. “Women who wear jeans and shirts, and dress like men, give birth to children called transgenders. There are over six lakh transgenders in Kerala,” he said while addressing a gathering.
It pinpoints that the representation of muscularity in textbooks shapes the mind of children and help perpetuate gender stereotypes and inequalities from an early age. “These textbooks are engaged in a gendered process of citizen creation, wherein masculinity is defined in relation to the nation. The hegemonic male ideal is being aggressive, militaristic, authoritative, and following a strict division of labor on gendered lines,” the report states."
Women, some partially veiled to only show their eyes, trickle into the stadium throughout the game. To reach their segregated seating next to the VIP section they must walk past a men’s stand under the gaze of scores of eyes. It is a scene that would have been unthinkable during the Taliban’s repressive and misogynistic regime when women were largely confined to their homes and, when they did venture outside with a male escort, hidden from view under burqas.