“By reforming the Selective Service to be gender-neutral based registration, we draw on the talents of our entire nation in the time of a national emergency. The current male-only registration sends a message to women not only that they are not vital to the defense of the country, but also that they are not expected to participate in defending it.”
Acting education minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani said. He added that the Taliban wants to "create a reasonable and Islamic curriculum that is in line with our Islamic, national and historical values and, on the other hand, be able to compete with other countries." Men and women also will be separated in primary and secondary schools, which was already common practice in Afghanistan.
Feminism is not a magic bullet. Climate and disease present unique technical and scientific challenges that must be dealt with on their own terms, and public policy is constrained by legal requirements and other limitations. Nevertheless, feminism can provide a roadmap for analysis, advocacy and action uniquely suited to overcoming the biggest challenges of our time while promoting fairness, health and wellbeing for individuals and society.
The Biden-Harris administration has demonstrated unprecedented leadership for gender equality in its design of new White House and agency offices on gender, and elevation of the level of that leadership on the global stage. A White House Council has been established to review all areas of domestic and foreign policy to ensure they advance gender equality, with cabinet-level representation and a role for the National Security Council.