Parisa Pourtaherian, an Iranian female photojournalist, covered a men’s football match in the country, despite being banned from entering any stadium where a sport is being played by the opposite gender. To escape censure, she took photos of a match from the terrace of a building located near the stadium. Now photos of her with a giant lens atop the building are going viral on Instagram and Twitter.
For years now, Kolkata-based Sappho for Equality has been tracking suicide cases through newspaper reports, sending a fact-finding team wherever possible. Malobika, a co-founder of Sappho, says that when they started work in 1999, they were taken aback by the nature of issues faced by women. “In one case, when parents found out about their daughter’s orientation, they got an anti-social element to enter her room at night to sexually assault her and then marry her. They thought that was better than being a lesbian.