Being a graffiti artist in one of the world’s most dangerous cities carries its own unique challenges, especially if you are a woman. When asked what keeps her going, Hassani says it is her love of art and the power it has for good. “I think I can introduce art to people in Afghanistan because we don’t have galleries and exhibitions, and it’s good way that I can just show them artwork,” Hassani said. “And I also think that I can change people’s minds with my artwork and sharing my ideas with people, that’s the thing I really like to do.”
As the #metoo campaign erupted across the United States, a similar campaign unfolded across France under the hashtag #balancetonporc or #squealonyourpig. As in America, French women have begun naming and shaming their attackers. Since it started, several prominent figures have been targeted in French assault claims, including a lawmaker in President Emmanuel Macron's party, a judge on France's equivalent of reality show "America's Got Talent" and Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan, a leading lecturer in Islamic studies.