The game challenges stereotypes because it forces players to think of people that buck those stereotypes. So for example, think of a physicist. Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton may automatically come to mind. But what if you have to think of a female physicist or a black female physicist? You may have to think a bit harder.
Some said misconduct was common – especially at conferences that blend professional work with socializing – and that serial harassers rarely face consequences. In some cases, sexual misconduct has pushed women out of the field altogether. Beyond the personal devastation, there is long-term damage for machine learning and AI, a sector that is dramatically reshaping society, sometimes with powerful technology plagued by harmful biases.

Sweden Says #MeToo

Hanna HoikkalaNiklas MagnussonVeronica Ek / Bloomberg
Under the hashtag #silenceaction (a reference to what Swedish directors say before filming), hundreds of actors, including Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Noomi Rapace, star of the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, said they will no longer stay quiet. Similar campaigns have been undertaken by women in law (#withwhatright), music (#whenthemusicends), politics (#inthecorridorsofpower), the clergy (#lettherebelight), sports (#timeout), unions (#nonnegotiable), and even archaeology (#diggingisunderway), to name a few.
Today, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a dispute over whether a Colorado baker can refuse to sell a cake to a same-sex couple for their wedding simply because their union offends his religious beliefs. A ruling against the couple would not only mark a major setback in the fight for LGBT equality, it would threaten to unravel hard-won legal protections for women.
“It is clear that gender stereotypes in relation to certain roles are so entrenched, the market needs to take action to address this. Only by addressing the unconscious bias that still exists at the very start of a candidate search, can we move towards truly diverse workforces and make inroads in tacking major challenges like the Gender Pay Gap. “We hope both recruiters embrace the new Gender Bias Decoder and take the opportunity to do the ground work to help them avoid perpetuating the issues that April’s new legislation will seek to address.”
According to a National Women's Law Center report, black girls make up about 15 percent of public school enrollment, but represent 52 percent of multiple suspension offenders among girls. Comparatively, white female students make up about 50 percent of enrollment, yet only represent 22 percent of multiple suspension offenders among girls. Taken as a whole, black girls are seven times more likely to be suspended than white girls in public schools. Expanding into the school to prison nexus, the Department of Justice reports that black girls are nearly three times more likely than white girls to be referred to juvenile justice, and generally more likely to be detained than their white peers.