A spokesman with Italy’s anti-mafia police told The Daily Beast it’s natural that women would start reaching higher ranks in criminal organizations as more men are arrested for mob affiliation. “Many times the women know every aspect of the business intimately ," he said, "and just as women are empowered in other sectors, it is no longer taboo to take orders from a woman in criminal organizations.”
Female victims often hesitate to file charges "for fear of being judged" or "because they are ashamed to reveal details of their intimate lives," according to a new booklet containing revised guidelines for forces dealing with crimes of violence against women. The guidelines include new requirements for registering reports of domestic violence, designed to ensure incidents that don't necessarily lead to charges being pressed are kept on file.
Out of 144 countries, Italy ranks 82nd for equal opportunities at work and in politics, education and health. It has plummeted 32 places since last year’s ranking and 41 since 2015, placing it far behind its Northern European neighbours, who lead the index globally. Italy now ranks below almost any other country in the European Union, with the exception of the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Malta and Hungary.
There’s something under-ripened about the state of feminism in my country. In other countries, to proclaim oneself a feminist is taken to mean that you are a person who defends the rights of women to live as they like, to have equal rights and opportunities, and to be in charge of their sexuality. In Italy, those who call themselves feminists treat what is supposed to be a fundamental component of one’s worldview as a sort of battle between high-school cliques: I will fight for your rights — as long as we’re friends.
Called the Timeless Issue, Vogue Italia's latest focuses on women who are major trailblazers in their respective fields and just so happen to be older than the usual subjects we see in magazines. Actress and model Lauren Hutton stuns on three different covers—and at 73 years and 11 months, she's the oldest woman to cover any of Vogue's global editions, ever.