In an effort to shed light on the underrepresentation of women in mobile gaming — within the industry, culture, and marketing — Android and Google Play are working to push forth impactful initiatives to help make a change. Next in the lineup is Change the Game — an interactive online experience that walks you through the relationship between women and mobile games in the United States.
"Our philosophy is that [women] are a big part of the UFC [experience], so they have to be a big part of our game," EA Sports creative director Brian Hayes said. "It's hard to think of any other sport where [women] have been as impactful as they have been in the UFC." "Women are 100 percent on equal footing with men in this sport," said Tracey Bleczinski, senior vice president of global consumer products at UFC. "They compete in the same size Octagon. They have the same number of rounds. All of the equipment is the same. Also, compensation isn't based on being a woman or a man; it's about the athlete. That's unique to the UFC, and so we want to make sure our female athletes are represented that way in the game."