The building where the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire unfolded still stands today. And yet, you could pass by the site of the greatest workplace disaster (until 9/11) without even realizing it. What does it say about our country's value of those kinds of workers — low-wage-earning immigrant women — if we've failed to meaningfully memorialize them?
In April 1912, Harriet Quimby was already renowned for being the first woman in America to have received her pilot's license, and like Amelia Earhart — that far more famous aviatrix who would follow in her footsteps — she would go on to die dramatically and tragically, doing what she loved. But Quimby has never received the level of recognition she deserves in the American pantheon, despite her extraordinary life.
Emily Wilson is so far the only woman to publish a translation of The Odyssey in English, but she's not the first woman to translate an Ancient Greek text into a contemporary language. With her translation, Wilson joins the ranks of women who have broken gender barriers to give their voices to the Classics. Does the translator's gender influence the interpretation of a text?