“I’m looking for angles that are more relevant than just the standard narrative of the art world,” said Denise Murrell, curator at Columbia University’s Wallach Art Gallery. “I’m giving a number of different narratives that can be discussed around the black figure; there is a wider variety of black models, especially the black female figure, in broader, social roles.”
Since the Wikipedia edit-a-thons started as informal gatherings in 2011, they have grown to 500 events worldwide where more than 7,000 volunteers have helped edit over 11,000 Wikipedia articles. It’s all part of an initiative to improve the gender imbalance on Wikipedia, where reports have suggested less than 20% of contributors are women. “Women haven’t felt as empowered to take the initial step of editing a Wikipedia article,” said Osborne Bender. “We train women, give them the tools and knowledge they need to create and edit articles, and stand by their edits, so it’s a community of support.”